About Us

planetfootbag - Verein zur Förderung der Sportarten Footbag, Flying Disc, und andere Szenesportarten
ZVR: 254566590
Pfeilgasse 28/14
1080 Wien

Raiffeisenbank Gramastetten - Herzogsdorf
IBAN: AT 34 3413 5000 0716 4080

Who and what is planetfootbag?

planetfootbag is a world wide Non-Profit Organization with the main goal to sustainably push the sport of Footbag. The profits made through our online shops are always reinvested for a greater purpose to support the Footbag community. Beside the development of new products, planetfootbag is one of the main sponsors of major Footbag tournaments (World Championships, European Championships, local events).

How much do you earn?

Every person contributing to our ‘baby’ planetfootbag works on a voluntary basis. But we are happy to provide players with good equipment and provide a solid structure to support events, footbag related projects and local clubs. And if you feel like, you can also give us some feedback on our work.

Can I become a part of planetfootbag?

YES! We are always looking for people who want to create and develop planetfootbag to bring footbag to the next level. Just contact your national footbag chapter and say: “Hi, I would like to become part of planetfootbag!” Welcome to the team!